The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Are you wondering whether you should pressure wash or soft wash your home’s exterior? The two methods are very different and it’s important to understand the difference before making a decision.

Pressure washing is a process that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other build-up from surfaces. This method can be effective at cleaning many different types of surfaces, but it can also be very damaging if not done correctly.

In contrast, soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method that uses gentle chemicals and detergents to clean surfaces. This method is much less likely to damage surfaces, making it the safer option for most homes.

So, which method should you use to clean your home’s exterior? Keep reading to learn more about the difference between pressure washing and soft washing.

The Difference: Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing

Pressure washing is a method of deep cleaning that uses high-pressure water to blast away dirt and grime from surfaces. This method can be effective at removing tough stains and build-up and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as decks, concrete driveways, and siding. Pressure washing can also be used to clean outdoor furniture and grills. The high pressure of the water makes pressure washing fast and effective, but it can also be very destructive if done incorrectly. If the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to delicate surfaces, such as painted siding and stucco. That’s why it’s important to hire a qualified professional who knows how to use the equipment safely. Soft washing, on the other hand, is a low-pressure, chemical-based cleaning method. Instead of relying solely on pressure, it uses a mixture of mild detergents and sanitizers to break down dirt, grime, and another build-up. Soft washing is safe to use on most surfaces, including painted siding and stucco and can be used to clean almost any type of exterior surface, including driveways, decks, and lawn furniture. Soft washing is a gentler, safer cleaning alternative that doesn’t require any heavy equipment, making it a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

When to Use Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to effectively remove tough stains, dirt, and built-up grime from most outdoor surfaces. This method is the best choice when you need a deep cleaning and don’t mind the risk of damage to delicate surfaces. Pressure washing is great for • Concrete driveways and walkways • Brick patios and sidewalks • Vinyl and aluminum siding • Painted surfaces • Pool decks and outdoor furniture • Grills and other outdoor equipment

When to Use Soft Washing

Soft washing is a gentler, safer cleaning method that is perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. This process is best used when you need a deep cleaning but doesn’t want to risk damaging your surfaces. Soft washing is great for • Painted siding • Stucco • Vinyl and aluminum siding • Driveways and walkways • Decks and patios • Lawn furniture • Grills and other outdoor equipment How we Can Help you Decide Choosing the right method for cleaning your home’s exterior can be difficult, but we can help. At American H2O Pressure Wash co, we specialize in all types of exterior cleaning, including pressure washing and soft washing. Let us take the guesswork out of figuring out which method is best for your home. Our experienced technicians are trained in the best techniques for both pressure washing and soft washing and are equipped with the latest tools and equipment. We will take the time to evaluate your home’s unique needs and recommend the best cleaning method for the job. Plus, with our specialized cleaning process, you can rest assured that your home will be sparkling clean without any damage. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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